México college fair tour 2021

College fairs are events that bring admissions officers from various colleges and universities to high schools, convention centres, and community spaces to meet with and answer questions from students and parents.🙂

Attending a college fair can help students:

✔Make a choice on what career university they want to attend.
✔Meet admissions officers from various different universities who can solve their questions.
✔Learn about scholarships, careers, academic calendars, and studying abroad in international universities.
✔Have the chance to meet other students, participate in different workshops and informative sessions.

For many years Victoria students have been attending university fair in Qro. hosted by JFK. However, this year (same as last) there will be a virtual fair powered by @webifairs.🎉

🖥This virtual fair is open to everyone and runs over 3 days from 22nd September until 24th September. 👉Anyone can register, including parents if they wish to. We strongly recommend that all yr12 registers and anyone in yr13 who is still not sure about which university or what degree/career to study does too.🎓👍 There are over 200 universities who will participate in the fair including Universities from Mexico, USA, Canada and Europe. They are also running some workshops on college applications, writing essays for university applications and the Common App etc.🏤

🤓Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to find more about universities,with the click of a button!

Landing Page: https://mcft.webifairs.com
Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=la0N8fLqfmM