Backstage at VICTORIA.

🤩 We are happy to introduce some of our new staff members. Meet Miss Minesso 🥰

✅ Quick Bio: I was born in North Italy, near the beautiful city of Venice. (You can only move around on foot or by boat! How crazy is that?) My whole family lives there. I have a big sister who is a teacher too! We love spending time together. I took a gap year after High School and ended up staying in the UK longer than expected! I have lived between
England and Scotland for the past five and half years. I worked as an Au Pair whilst I was in England where I met wonderful families.

✏Currently teaching: I will be teaching Year 1 at Victoria! And I can’t wait to join the community in Tequis.

🎓Qualifications: After my gap year, I decided to apply to University in London (It worked!) and I completed my BSc Educational Psychology course at London South Bank University (2019). After that, I knew I wanted to become a teacher so I moved to Scotland to complete my PGDE for Primary Education at Strathclyde University in Glasgow (2020).

🌎 Experience and travels: Even though, I have lived in Italy most of my life, I have visited over 30 countries! I am so glad I’ll be able to add Mexico to my list!
Every year, I try to visit at least one new country with my sister! I have been very lucky to have parents who always supported me to study and work abroad.
I have worked and volunteered in Primary Schools around London, taught Primary in Dundee, Scotland.Coordinated English Summer Camps in Italy and volunteered for KEEN, a charity, to allow children with disabilities to join in sports activities.

🌞Hobbies:I love traveling and learning new languages. I am fascinated by different cultures and can’t wait to explore all the beautiful things Mexico can offer, besides learning some Spanish and trying all the lovely Mexican food.🇲🇽
I have always loved practising gymnastic moves. I can put my legs behind my neck! (maybe I am just a bit weird 😂). I really wanted to join the circus when I was a child! 🎪 I love Pizza, and good ice cream too! I practice Yoga and often go to the gym. I enjoy the Beach, the sun and swimming.

💙Please help us welcome Miss Minesso to our community 🥰